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  • 2004 Discovery that the CoTC process in the human beta-globin gene involves an RNA self-cleaving activity[1]


Beta-globin co-transcriptional cleavage ribozyme (CoTC ribozyme) is considered to be involved in β- RNA self-cleavage activity in the 3' flanking region of the globin gene. However, these findings have not been independently confirmed, and subsequent analysis has failed to prove the activity of the ribozyme.
CAUTION: We not aware of any publications confirming these observations. It is highly probable that CoTC is not a nucleolytic ribozyme.


[1] Autocatalytic RNA cleavage in the human beta-globin pre-mRNA promotes transcription termination.
Teixeira, A., Tahiri-Alaoui, A., West, S., Thomas, B., Ramadass, A., Martianov, I., Dye, M., James, W., Proudfoot, N.J. and Akoulitchev, A.
Nature 432(7016): 526-530.(2004)