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  • 2006 A HDV-like sequence in the human CPEB3 gene[1]

  • 2009 HDV-like ribozymes in other species[2]

  • 2010 A HDV-like ribozyme encoded by R2 retrotransposons[3]

  • 2011 A HDV-like ribozyme in L1Tc mRNA[4]

  • 2011 More retrotransposons encode HDV-like ribozymes[6]

  • 2014 NMR solution structure of CPEB3 ribozyme's P4 domain[7]

  • 2015 HDV ribozyme variants in bacterial metagenomes and fungal genomes[8]

  • 2016 NMR studies confirm secondary structure and Mg2+ location in CPEB3 ribozyme [9]

  • 2017 More HDV ribozyme variants in fungi[10]

  • 2021 The functional conservation of CPEB3 ribozyme in mammalian evolution[11]


The HDV-like ribozymes are many ribozymes structurally and biochemically related to HDV ribozymes. HDV-like ribozymes include the mammalian CPEB3 ribozyme, retrotransposons members and sequences from bacteria and other species. Genomic mapping of these RNAs suggested several biological roles, one of which is the degradation or processing of pre-mRNA.

Structure and mechanism

2D representation

Secondary structure depictions of the human CPEB3 ribozyme with the scissile phosphates (blue). The human CPEB3 ribozymes act with the direct involvement of metal ions shown by green spheres with octahedral coordination of red water molecules of hydration.



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